My New Crib

Bedroom View.


Living Room.

Desk and Computer.


Who's Bad?

Umbrella I had to buy. So awesome.

Michael Jackson's Birthday

Micheal Jackson birthday celebration in prostpect park Brooklyn.



Close up of head.


These were two gay euro guys waiting for the watertaxi. Outfits were matching and they both had two different phases of rod stewart hair. Was laughing out loud watching them.


I didn't know Ronald's religious affiliations. I thought he was Christian but apparently I was wrong – he is Buddhist.

Lazy Buddha

Back in Bangkok. Pic of huge reclining Buddha.


Joy Juice

Don't know exactly what this is, but it sounds delicious.

Asian Stair Climber

Vanessa trying to climb down these really steep stairs from the top of this pyramid type temple. Very funny wish there was a movie of it.

Hanging Out

Me hanging out. Thinking about life, love, what I'm going to eat, and why the hell it is so hot. By the time I was done completely soaked.